There are some pretty strange looking speaker systems out there and this one from Edifier definitely falls into that category with the only thing missing being the Alien dreadlocks.

It's called the e1100 Predator and is an inexpensive set of speakers that instantly reminds one of some terrifying creature from a hit sci-fi movie but at $80 Edifier has put together a pretty impressive speaker package.

That main unit, you know the one that looks like an Alien minus its dreadlocks is the main part housing the system's amplification and a 5-inch down-firing subwoofer. The sub-woofer can handle frequencies from 20Hz – 100Hz and the two satellite speakers each sport a 2-inch full range speakers that are paired with a 2-inch passive radiator. The two satellites can handle frequencies from 200Hz to 20KHz.

Even though Christmas is almost history for another year there's no reason to not check these out if you happen to be in the market for a decent set of speakers. You can get them from the Edifier site for $79.99.