Guitar Hero

If you own an iPhone or an iPod Touch and enjoy Guitar Hero, you can now play the popular game on your mobile devices. Activision has launched the app for iPhone and iPod Touch, which you can download from the iTunes app store.

Activision, the video game developer for Guitar Hero, has released the game for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. That was according to Steve Job’s keynote at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2010 in San Francisco this morning.

The app is available on Apple’s App store and will cost approximately US$2.99. It will also feature a short setlist comprised of the following six songs:

We Are The Champions — Queen
Savior — Rise Against
Paint It Black — The Rolling Stones
Cousins — Vampire Weekend
Say It Ain’t So — Weezer
Seven Nation Army — The White Stripes

Source: USAToday


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