Would you like to get your hands on an 'iPhone 4 GS' well before Apple officially announces its availability on the market? If so, you might want to start searching around your contact lists for friends who are currently taking up residence in China, for word has it that an 'iPhone 4GS' has started making its way around the Chinese grey market as we bring you this little report.

Apple's upcoming iPhone 5 may be the talk of town at this very point of time, but it seems that consumers who just simply cannot stand waiting for another day to get their hands on the Cupertino giant's spanking new smartphone might want to turn to the Chinese grey market to get their much-needed Apple fix. This is because word has it that an unannounced 'Apple-product' is currently making its rounds there, and it comes in the form of an 'iPhone 4 GS'.

Details about this unannounced 'iPhone 4 GS' are scarce, but based on what we can see on the packaging, it seems that the smartphone will be a 'world phone' of sorts, considering how it is capable of supporting both the CDMA and GSM mobile networks. Also, like the iPhone 3GS before it, the 'iPhone 4GS' looks every bit like the original iPhone 4, although no specifications about the '4GS''s processor or cameras have been released.

No prices for the 'iPhone 4GS' has been released at this point of time though. Oh, and one last thing; if it was not obvious enough, it is clear that we are not buying any claims that this smartphone from China is the real deal in any way.

Source: GizChina


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