The Wii may be the smallest and sleekest game console in the market, but that did not stop Sony from coming out with a ‘slim’ version of its Playstation 3. Will Microsoft follow suit with an Xbox 360 Slim?

Read on to find out.

It’s been often rumoured that Microsoft is planning a set of upgrades for the Xbox 360, and among those rumours are claims that the 360 will not just be getting upgraded hardware, but a whole new ‘look’ as well.

Of course, with little to no concrete evidence of the fabled redesign, most of these rumours have started fading off into the wilderness of the internet. That is, until today.

According to X-bit Labs, a website known as GameKings has posted what seems to the first leaked photo of an actual slimed-down version of the Xbox 360, which, when stacked besides the original Xbox 360, looks almost a third smaller. It is also believed to be more power efficient due to the implementation of a new chip which combines the cpu, graphics and memory controller into a single package for easier manufacturing.

However, X-bit Labs claimed that Microsoft did not respond to the article, so we’ll just have to wait and see if an Xbox 360 Slim is really on the cards for Microsoft anytime soon.

Source: GameKings via X-bit Labs