Owners of Left 4 Dead and its sequel, Left 4 Dead 2, rejoice. Valve has announced that the next DLC, known as ‘The Sacrifice’, which is available for both versions of the game, will be released for free on October 4, which happens to be tomorrow. Oh, and it is also going to be a free download, as long as you own the PC version of the game and not the console port.

Technically, we have more or less given away the entire story with that title of ours. However, for the sake of those who have not played the game, here is a little explanation on what to expect for tomorrow’s free downloadable content for Valve’s popular Left 4 Dead video game series.

Dubbed as ‘The Sacrifice’, the free download from Valve will be available for both Left 4 Dead and its sequel, Left 4 Dead 2. In terms of storyline, ‘The Sacrifice’ is set prior to the events of ‘The Passing’ scenario for Left 4 Dead 2, and is expected to answer most questions pertaining to the death of one of the Survivors.

Of note is the fact that, despite being available for both the original and the sequel, the only playable characters in ‘The Sarcrifice’ are that of original Survivors in the first game. However, as a consolation, the Left 4 Dead 2 version of the DLC will allow gamers to make use of extra weapons found only in the sequel.

And if waiting for the official DLC to hit Steam sounds like a tad too long to handle, perhaps Valve’s recently-released trailer of ‘The Sacrifice’ should help to ease the anticipation somewhat.

Source: PC Gamer