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10 Apps recommended for your BlackBerry


With thousands of apps available on the BlackBerry App World, what are some good apps to download and use for your BlackBerry device? In this feature, we checked out some highly recommended ones, both free and paid, which we think you should get. And no, we aren’t talking about the common Facebook or Opera Mini apps which you may have already downloaded. (Note: Apps are tested on the BlackBerry Curve 3G).

Security is important to every user whether he or she is on a PC or the mobile device. Well, you can protect your BlackBerry with the Lookout Mobile security app, and best of all, it is free to download and use.

The app includes Anti-Virus, Data Backup and Find My Phone, which you can easily access from the main page after you load it. The Anti-Virus feature claims to block viruses, malware, spyware and it scans every app that you downloaded. It also runs quietly in the background.

You can backup your contacts, photos and other data on the vendor’s web site(http://mylookout.com/), though you will need to register an account and also the phone number. But in case you lose your phone or accidentally deleted some of your photos, you can easily restore data to your new or existing phone.

So what if you misplaced your phone and can’t find it at home? You can go on to the website (http://mylookout.com/) and choose to find your phone on the world’s map, or remotely activate your phone’s alarm loudly. Note that the website takes approximately three minutes to locate phone, and it may not always be successful. And if there is no chance to get the phone back, you can remotely wipe out the sensitive data on the phone. Neat.

Lookout Mobile Security
Price: Free

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