Singapore's weather can be rather unpredictable these days, which is why this WeatherBug app can be handy. While this is a US-centric app, you are free to add other locations from all over the world on WeatherBug such as Singapore or Hong Kong. It provides an overview of the weather which include information such as temperature, wind speed, humidity level and the likelyhood if it is going to rain.

You can also check the weather forcast for today and the next five days. In addition, the app allows you to toggle into various layer options in map's mode to see which part of the country is sunny or rainy, as denoted by the color codes. While the WeatherBug app is not only useful and free to download, the only downside is that the temperature is denoted in Fahrenheit scale. There's no way to change the measurement to Celsius, though we hope the future versions would support that.

Price: Free