The latest from Taiwanese supply sources hints towards the possibility of iPhone 6 touting enhanced imaging capabilities.


While there is still a lot of time remaining before Apple is due to unveil its next generation iPhone, already rumors are floating around about what this smartphone will end up bringing to the table. So far there have been rumors of faster processors, larger displays and even greater onboard storage capacity. There has been chatter about the iPhone 6 camera as well, and the most recent rumor has us believe that Apple will incorporate a 10 megapixel or higher camera in its next generation flagship with f/1.8 aperture as well as interchangeable resin lenses.

JSR, a Japanese company, is reportedly tasked with creating the interchangeable resin lenses. This seems plausible become only recently it came to light that Apple has been granted two patents for interchangeable lenses that can be used with its mobile devices, such as the iPhone. Its not like the iPhone 5S’s camera isn’t good, but its not exactly at par with rivals such as the LG G2. Mere megapixel count is not a measure of camera quality, though a f/1.8 aperture can enable the camera to deliver improved low light photography.

It should be kept in mind that this information comes from unofficial sources within the supply chain, so this can’t be taken as final. Apple hasn’t confirmed anything about its next generation iPhone, and if history has taught us anything, its that one can’t expect Apple to reveal details about future products.

Source: IT186