Samsung, the creator of the Galaxy smartphone line, has announced that sales of its latest flagship—the Galaxy S IV—has broken 10 million units.

To put things into perspective, the Galaxy S took seven months to reach 10 million units sold, and with the Galaxy S II it took five months.  The Galaxy S III, which is still a popular choice among shoppers, reached the 10 million mark in about two months.  Not to be outdone by its predecessor, the Galaxy S IV landed in the hands of 10 million anxious consumers 20 days quicker than the GS3.

The GS4 is currently available in 60 countries, but Samsung won’t stop there as it is planning to up that number to 154 countries by June.

For a while, Samsung and Apple were battling it out for the title of world’s number one smartphone maker.  However, Apple’s iPhone sales have been sluggish in recent months, and since then Samsung has nudged past its U.S. competitor to claim the belt.

Analysts predict that the GS4 will hit the 20 million units mark mid or late-June, with some even suggesting that the phone will pass the 100 million mark within the product’s life cycle.