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19.5 percent of global PC and tablet market captured by Apple last quarter

A research firm’s new report estimates that Apple’s market share in global PC and tablet market grew significantly in Q4, 2013.


The report comes from a research firm by the name of Canalys. It finds that Apple shipped 30.9 million units combined of its tablets as Macs and this subsequently resulted in capturing 19.5 percent of the global market share. The company itself recently announced its earnings from the previous quarter, iPad sales were higher than they have ever been before and a surge in Mac sales was also witnessed. Trailing Apple is second place on this list is Lenovo, which finally overtook HP to clinch this spot. Lenovo now accounts for 11.8 percent of the world’s PC and tablet market, witnessing a 25.5 percent year over year surge in the previous quarter.

Canalys’ report estimates that out of the 30.9 million units Apple shipped, 84.3 percent or roughly 26 million units were accounted for by its tablets. This can be attributed to the fact that last quarter Apple launched two new iPads, the iPad Air as well as the hotly anticipated Retina iPad mini. Both tablets are found to have pushed the sales figures higher, increasing Apple’s share in the global tablet market from 27.4 percent in Q4 2012 to 34.1 percent in Q4 2013.

The report also finds that tablets now make up for 48.3 percent of the global PC market, with consumer interest in tablets increasing 17.9 percent last quarter. Tablet shipments were up 65.2 percent while PC shipments declined by 6.9 percent year over year.

Source: Canalys

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