People will do anything to score free smartphones, including coming up with ways to (accidentally) hurt each other.


If you have been following VR-Zone this past week, you’ll know that LG has announced their new flagship smartphone – the LG G2. It has top-of-the-line hardware specifications including a 5.2″ Full HD display, a quad-core Snapdragon 800 chip, 2 GB of RAM, and a 13 megapixel camera.

Now, in order to get the word out, LG held a promotional event in Seoul, South Korea last Friday where everyone and anyone was invited to shoot down balloons floating in the sky that held coupons for scoring brand-new LG G2s for free!

LG didn’t have any rules in place, so people took dangerous weapons BB guns and spears to the event to shoot down said balloons. Innocent bystanders were harmed in the process, suffering from minor injuries. However, injuries are injuries, and LG has agreed to pay for any medical treatment.

Korea Times via Android Beat