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23-year-old cancer patient raised enough money to pay for cryopreservation

Whether you believe in life after death or the lack thereof, while you’re still alive on this planet we call home, the idea of preserving your corpse for a second coming with cryogenic technology is pretty cool.

The problem with cryogenically preserving yourself is not that it’s not awesome, but because it’s very expensive.  That’s why people who want to preserve themselves but don’t have the funds should take a page out of 23-year-old Kim Suozzi's book.

Suozzi, a Truman State neuroscience student, was diagnosed with recurrent Glioblastoma multiforme, an extremely aggressive brain cancer, but before her death in January 2013 she managed to raise enough money to preserve her body until advancement in the technology can revive her and treat her cancer.

According to her blog:

“Many of you know that I’m agnostic; I don’t have any clue what happens when you die, but have no reason to think that my consciousness will continue on after death. The only thing that I can think to make me feel a little more at ease with my death is to secure cryopreservation plans on the off-chance that they figure out how to revive people in the future. The way I see it, it’s a better bet than decomposing or getting cremated.”

Using various social and non-profit outlets, Suozzi eventually raised enough to finance her preservation.  One of the sources of her funding came from donations through Reddit users.  After posting on Reddit about her diagnosis, Redditors began suggesting that they should start a fundraiser for Suozzi to do something “fun.”  Suozzi, on the other hand, had another idea in mind and posted that she wanted the funds to go towards “helping [her] even if it’s not going towards vacation or skydiving.”

As noted previously, Reddit was not the only source of her cryopreservation money, and eventually Suozzi raised enough money for the procedure.  She passed away on January 17, and was cryogenically preserved that same day at the Alcor Life Extension facility.


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