Packaging for the Asus was top-notch, with extensive use of compartmentalisation to keep things neat, tidy, and in-place. It’s hard to fault Asus when you think about the amount of accessories thrown into the RoG line of motherboards. There is even a separate box to keep the accessories in place!

Brimming with items, popping the lid of the box brings you to individual “Ziploc” bags of items. You’d find common accessories in there, but Asus put in effort to make the deal a lot more tantalising. Amongst them: a low-noise blower is supplied to fit over the heatsink fins for the motherboard VRM, rubber feet for open-concept debugging/benchmarking, external standalone diagnostic LCD, conversion barbs and tubes for the Fusion MCH waterblock, temperature probes, lighted I/O bracket, nylon cable ties, manuals, drivers and a free copy of Company of Heroes.

Asus’s brute-force approach to accessories will not be welcome by all, especially the lean-and-mean users and environmentally-conscious. It does have a few quirks. For one, two axial blowers should have been supplied to cool both portions of the heatpipe assembly, whilst the finicky diagnostic LCD could at least be weighty enough to stay on a suface (table etc.) without being thrown into the air by the sheer elasticity of the captive cable. I too wonder if it adds significantly to Asus’s costs to supply black nylon cable ties – something that would at the very least, complement their PCB color scheme.