343 goes behind the scenes to show gamers how the idea of Halo 4's dynamic Infinity multiplayer mode blurs the lines between competitive and co-operative play.

Halo 4 has streamlined the franchise, adding in a plethora of new features and content that expand both the universe and game mechanics of the series. For gamers who have always wanted more out of their multiplayer experience than simple competitive matches, 343 Studios has introduced an impressive new feature to Halo 4's multiplayer with the Infinity system.

In 343's newly released Halo 4: Infinity Multiplayer video players get a behind the scenes look at how the system was created, executed, and finely tuned to deliver a whole new multiplayer experience that's unlike any other in the Halo franchise. Essentially, Infinity is the UNSC flagship of the Spartan IV program, and acts as a headquarters for all players to customize their own Spartan warriors as well as build an engaging story arc that spans across multiple areas of the game.

This essentially breathes new life into the multiplayer gameplay and gives the mode a more substantial feel, making it an actual extension and part of the universe rather than just a separate game on the side. Check out the vid on Halo Waypoint via Xbox LIVE or the official Halo website for more information.

Experience Halo 4's revolutionary Infinity multiplayer mode firsthand when the game release on Nov. 6, 2012