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4-Way CPU Cooler Roundup : Venom, Alaska, Yasya & Thermax II

The Venom
cooler is basically an upgrade of the popular Nero S cooler, with minor
performance improvements and more emphasis on aesthetics. This cooler’s body is
designed to hold either one or two 120mm cooling fans, however Akasa supplies
only one yellow bladed 120mm fan with the cooler. The fan is PWM controlled and
features curved “S-Flow” blades which are supposed to enhance airflow
by up to 30%. It might be a little hard to find an identical and/or similar fan
out in the market, therefore you might end up replacing it if you want to
install a second fan.

Just like
most tower coolers, the Venom has several chrome plated aluminum fins which
dissipate the heat generated by the CPU. The fins are cut in a U shape, reducing
the airflow resistance and the noise coming from the air turbulence. Four
nickel plated heatpipes are responsible for transferring the generated heat
directly to the aluminium fins. The portion of the heatpipes which comes into
direct contact with the CPU appears very well machined to a smooth finish. The
rest of the cooler’s base is made out of aluminium and serves no other purpose
than ensuring the mechanical cohesion of the product and providing space for
the mounting brackets to be installed.

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