is hoping to make use of the 404 error pages you stumble across from time to time on the internet, by filling them with missing persons ads.

A Belgian advertising agency, Famous, is collaborating with Missing Children Europe, a non governmental organization focusing on helping missing and sexually exploited children, in order to find missing people.

Their collaborative project, NotFound, aims to make use of the 404 error pages which are displayed whenever a web browser attempts to load a page on the internet which doesn't exist – instead of simply being a dead end, the pages will display images and basic descriptions of missing people, especially children, and provide a phone number for a hotline where one can reach the authorities. Essentially, they've turned the 404 page into a virtual milk carton.

This is what the missing page window looks like.


The idea for the project spawned from the mind of Laurent Dochy, who took notice that many websites have begun customizing their 404 screens. The next step, past making the pages less boring, was to give them a purpose, he revealed in a statement: "Page not found, neither is this person."

So far, NotFound reports that 480 websites have signed up to the project and have downloaded a file to their servers which will display the missing persons box upon encountering a 404.