Naming schemes on phones are always best kept simple but  according to a leak it seems that Nokia has chosen to go another way in the naming of their upcoming camera phone instead.


The heavily rumored Nokia EOS device, which then became known as the Lumia 1020 has gone through the rumor mill at just about every capacity you can possibly think of. There were leaks for the specs, the casing, and then finally the name. The latter is one that apparently did not stick as evleaks has retracted their statement that it will be called the 1020 and are now saying that it will be called the Lumia 909.

This certainly adds a bit of confusion considering they just released the 925 and 928, but it’s clear what Nokia is trying to do here.  This phone is looked at as the successor of the original Nokia 808 PureView camera. You’ve probably noticed it right away but it looks like Nokia has figured that the natural progression after the 808 is the 909.

Nokia EOS

It’s a little bit interesting that they don’t seem to be marketing this phone as the next big Lumia device but rather as a sequel to a separate line. Regardless of naming schemes though, the phone does look impressive in a relatively thin casing which sports a 41 megapixel camera.

To know the name for sure we’ll have to wait until July 11th, which is when Nokia is expected to officially reveal the phone.  Stay tuned.

Source: evleaks