Apple iPhone and iPad users will be very pleased to hear this: The Apple App Store has already approved over 500,000 Apps since it first started in July 10, 2008. Read on.

However the total number of active apps available in the Apple App Store is only roughly 400,000. 148apps (App Blog), Chomp (App Search Engine) and Chillingo (Game Maker) have sent out a large infographic (click the image link below) to commemorate this achievement. Statistics revealed that the average price for an application is US$3.64, while 37% of all the applications are free. The Angry Birds app is ranked first for being able to hold the #1 spot in the Apple App Store for 275 days. The second position is The Moron Test which held the #1 spot for only 38 days.

Other interesting facts:

You will need roughly US$891K to purchase all of the apps. There has been approximately 10 billion downloads of the apps since Jan 2011.

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Source: Mashable, AppleInsider