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55-inch Samsung OLED TV hits Korean market next week

Starting next week, Samsung will begin shipping its 55-inch OLED-based KN559500 television.

Samsung has been playing catch up for several months, as its rival LG has already released both a flat and curved display with similarly fashioned OLED tech.  Although, Samsung argues that their OLED display is better because it uses “true” RGB design, whereas, LG utilizes a “White OLED” system that uses filters to produce the RGB spectrum.

Along with promises of “unprecedented picture quality,” Samsung is also promising a hefty price tag for its ‘true’ OLED TV.  Just shy of 10 grand, the estimated price tag for the KN559500 OLED TV is $8,780 USD (10 million won).

Like LG, Samsung will also release a curved model, but pricing and availability for this novelty set are currently unknown.

In nifty feature which is included (and perhaps inspired by Sony) in Samsung’s 55-inch OLED set is “Multi-View”.  This option will allow users to watch two different programs at once on the same display using special 3D glasses with headphones built-in.

Source: yonhap


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