BlackBerry’s staging a comeback, there’s no question about it, as rumors of multiple future handhelds, both low-end and (extremely) high-end, are gaining credibility.

BlackBerry Z10

It only took former mobile market ruler BlackBerry a couple of years to go from hero to zero in the fickle, shifty landscape, with the company’s financial state reaching a point so desperate its execs tried to hawk the business away to any rival interested.

Ultimately, no deal was closed, so the sinking ship continued to cave in, all while a revival strategy was worked on behind the scenes. But no one believed it would work. Well, you may want to start believing, as BB looks to take one final spectacular gamble. Good for them, at least if they’re going down, they’ll do it in style.

First there were whispers, but now there’s rumble. Reports are piling up as to an octa-core 64-bit-powered BB, which, get this, could see daylight as soon as next fall. Specifically, in September 2014, so not in 2015, as some sources claimed.

It remains to be seen if Qualcomm can keep up with the Canadians’ aspirations, as the fabled 8-core CPU built on a 64-bit architecture should be one of future installments in the Snapdragon series. Allegedly clocked at 2.5 GHz, model numbered MSM8994 and, possibly, to be branded as Snapdragon 1000.

BlackBerry Foxconn

Obviously, you’re advised to take the “scoop” with the customary caution and pinch of salt, in spite of Pocket-Lint’s “trusted” source vouching for it “100 per cent”. If it’s the real deal, mind you, the recently leaked “Ontario” may end up being positioned as a mid-tier device, which is absolutely mind-blowing.

I mean, the proudest steed in BB’s stable right now is a sub-par dual-core phone, and in just six or seven months, an octa-core and quad-core are to take its place? Crazy!

And we’re not done. Because before it can start its high-end charge, BlackBerry needs to take care of low-tier, low-cost business. Enter the “Jakarta”, a Foxconn-built little gadget tipped for a Mobile World Congress intro later this month.

Expected to cost $200 tops ($150, according to certain insiders), the Jakarta may have been spotted doing the rounds at benchmark authority Geekbench, complete with on-board BlackBerry 10.2 OS, a dual-core Qualcomm MSM8230 chip, and 1.5 GB RAM. Sounds quite decent for its alleged price range. Let’s thus hope where there’s smoke, there’s indeed fire.

Sources: Pocket-Lint, Ubergizmo