Included with the Galaxy GeForce 9600GT Low Power Low Profile are:

  • Standard-height bracket
  • Low-profile bracket
  • S/PDIF passthrough cable

No DVI-to-VGA converter, but Galaxy can be forgiven considering that this card is more likely to end up in the hands of HTPC enthusiasts.

galaxy box 9500GT & 9600GT on a Diet

The Galaxy is significantly longer than the Albatron due to the presence of additional power circuitry.

compare overview 9500GT & 9600GT on a Diet

The Galaxy’s heatsink is not that much larger than the one on the Albatron, but being made of copper it adds quite a bit to the card’s weight.

galaxy output 9500GT & 9600GT on a Diet

HTPC enthusiasts will be pleased to find HDMI alongside dual-link DVI. TV-Out users are, well, out of luck…

galaxy rear 9500GT & 9600GT on a Diet

The secondary heatsink on the power circuitry, is supported by a retention bar on the rear. Underneath this more MOSFETs are hidden – that’s a lot of components crammed into such a small space, which results in the Galaxy being only slightly longer than a reference 9600GT. Another job well done here.

compare 9600gt 9500GT & 9600GT on a Diet

As we mentioned earlier, this card is a Low Power version of the 9600GT, which means slightly lower clocks than normal. While we have yet to see how much this impacts performance, one upside is that a 6-pin auxiliary power connector is no longer required. Hopefully this also means a significant drop in power consumption, something we’ll also be looking into later…

compare end 9500GT & 9600GT on a Diet

That rounds up our look at the cards, time for some benchmarks…