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A.C.Ryan AluBox Digital Video Recorder Preview

The AluBoxDVR is the first product released by A.C.Ryan for its new line of AluBox. It does both personal video recording and data storage.
With a built-in system which enables browsing of photos, preset recording function, a standalone music player and yet the AluBoxDVR still can double as an external 3.5-inch storage drive, this product is definitely getting some attention.

We have with us in the office today is the A.C.Ryan AluBoxDVR. It is a fairly new product, and it is the first of a new line of AluBox series to be equipped with digital video capabilities.

The ‘DVR’ in its name stands for ‘Digital Video Recorder-Player’. What this AluBox is able to do for us, is to not only playback files from our digital medias, but also being able to record from an input source.

The pretty standard looking box is fairly simple on both sides. Not too cluttered but provides sufficient information to briefly state what the product offers.

The outer enclosure of the AluBoxDVR is completely glossy black, and made of 1.8mm of solid aluminium. It provides adequete protection against slight knocks. As aluminium is used on the outside, there is better transfer of heat from the internal hard drive to the external surroundings, reducing the risk of high operating temperatures from long hours of usage.

Do take note of its glossy nature and colour, as finger marks will be very obvious!

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