The frontal shot of the Boombox, with a 1.8" TFT LCD and 2 speakers built in.

3/4 view

The Boombox is action. It reads ID3 Tags well, but do note that if UTF-8 unicode encoding is used, One will need to switch to Chinese to view the tags properly.

The navigation buttons on top of the player. The source button allows you to change folders and play settings, repeat/record allows you to toggle repeat modes and record FM, and the Menu button allows you to toggle between the various modes. The source button serves as a mute function if no earphones are plugged in, otherwise it is used to switch between the earphone and onboard speakers.

The 1.8" TFT LCD playing video, pretty nice of A.C.Ryan to include the feature but I doubt that many will use the Boombox for this feature, as the screen is a tad too small and only the SMV file extension is supported.

The SD/MMC expansion, Line in, Earphone and DC Jack at the back. With the Line-in port, you may choose to use the Boombox as a speaker for other audio devices. Plugging in your earphones into the earphone jack also allow the boombox to switch into a portable mp3 player.