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A Look Into Intel’s Next Gen Enthusiast Platform : Sandy Bridge E & Waimea Bay

For months, we’ve heard of the Sandy Bridge microarchitecture taking over the current generation Nehalem microarchitecture. But what do we have to replace the ageing X58 Express + i7-980X Tylersburg Highend Desktop platform? Head in and see all that you wanted to know about the next generation enthusiast platform from Intel.

Waimea Bay Highend Desktop (HEDT) Overview
Earlier on, we had unveiled chipset specifications for Intel Mainstream (MS) desktop in 2011, but at that point in time, little was known of what would replace the Tylersburg Enthusiast Platform consisting Intel X58 Express chipset + i7-980X “Gulftown” CPU. With LGA1155 Sandy Bridge-MS samples already shipping, it even looked like we’d have the Tylersburg Enthusiast Platform sticking with us for a very long time.

Before you join the uninformed; concluding that there wouldn’t be an enthusiast platform on Sandy Bridge microarchitechture in 2011, we’d like to show you some exclusive knowledge about Intel’s next generation HEDT.

Intel will stick to using differentiated desktop platforms for the purpose of market segmentation in 2011. The LGA1155 Sandy Bridge-MS we’ve heard about over the past months will join the Cougar Point family of chipsets to corner the Mainstream and Essential market segments. For the highend segment, Waimea Bay will take the lead by joining Sandy Bridge-E processors to the Patsburg Platform Controller Hub (PCH). Because Sandy Bridge on LGA1155 will only be available in 2 core and 4 core versions, those looking forward to having 6 cores or more will have to put their money where it counts: on the Waimea Bay platform.

Next page for Sandy Bridge-E CPU Specifications.

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