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A Mercedes-Benz golf cart fit for a king

Some refer to golfing as somewhat of a rich man’s game, and a luxury golf cart from Mercedes-Benz will only amplify that stereotype.

The luxury German car brand has come up with a concept golf cart that may make your actual car look like a jalopy.  As if a round of golf isn’t already expensive enough, Mercedes-Benz wants to create an electric golf cart that has a solar charging module built-in, an above average sound system, air conditioning, a touch display to connect golfers to the course (show stats) as well as the club house, and many other things that people are still trying to integrate into their own car.

If posh is what you’re going for when you hit the golf courses then here’s a snip from the press release:

“Due to the iPad/iPhone connection to the cart it is possible to communicate directly with the golf club, for example to order drinks or food for the halfway catering.”

It’s a given that if Mercedes-Benz wants to stick its nose in the golf cart business, it will also bring along with it the luxury-blood that fuels the company’s road cars.  One would have to wonder how much it would cost to rent of these Mercedes-Benz golf carts for just a few hours if they do go into production.

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