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A new Windows 7 tablet with a difference: the BModo12G

Input/Output Connections and Sim card slot

Hardware support on the Bmodo tablet for USB and SD/SDHC media means that file transfers via multiple storage formats are far superior on the Bmodo compared to any other tablet or iPad. I plugged in my free Starhub mobile broadband 1Mbps USB stick and it worked seamlessly. Or you can slot in a sim card directly for 3G support. 

Battery Life

The BModo12G is powered by a 5000MAh power pack that delivers almost three hours of intensive usage. Using Battery Pro V2.70 (classic settings) to do a full battery drain test, the tablet clocked 2 hours 40mins of usage before it fizzled. This is comparable to other Atom-based netbooks of similar processor and battery specifications. Note that on casual usage it will last longer than three hours.

Direct USB printing

With the BModo12G, there is also no more fussing about with third-party apps or printer compatibility just to perform simple tasks like printing your documents or pictures. Plug in your USB printer and as long as it is supported by Windows 7 (which is still far more widespread than printers that support the Ipad Airprint feature), you’re good to go. 

Works-out-of-the-Box hardware support for other USB devices

The Windows 7 platform used by the Bmodo12G coupled with the two USB ports means that you can plug in a whole range of hardware without going for proprietary ones. This includes external USB DVD drives, USB keyboards and USB wireless/wired mouse devices. You can do your office work (such as construct a proper Powerpoint or Excel Spreadsheet) on the BModo12G during a business trip, not just simple note-taking. The BModo12G is therefore a far more realistic business trip companion. For light typing, the onscreen keyboard is usable and can be resized.  


Screenshot: Bmodo Windows 7 platform with Onscreen Keyboard

(Onscreen keyboard can be resized but minimum size is shown above) 

No more watered down versions of popular Apps

Popular applications in Asia like PPStream (a Chinese peer-to-peer streaming video software) are completely usable on the BModo. If you’re a fan of PPStream and other video streaming sites such as Baofeng.com, you would have realised that many ported apps on the Apple iPhone and iPad are heavily watered down and lack important features like a comprehensive search function. Other popular apps that were tested on the Bmodo were: BitTorrent, OpenOffice and Skype. I wasn’t expecting any issues given that the BModo is essentially a Netbook with an onscreen keyboard – and I did not uncover any  hardware incompatibility or usability issues with these software.

Screenshot: PPStream P2P Video Streaming Application on the BModo12G 

Windows touchscreen recalibration quirkiness

During my testing, I encountered an occasion when the cursor started to drift and this prompted me to go into the Control Panel to choose the Windows Touchscreen option in order to perform recalibration of the touchscreen control. I surmised that this could be because of low battery levels.



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