avatar A Walk About Around SLS (6 5 2005)

VR-Zone brings you the usual weekly walk around Singapore’s most popular IT shopping center once again! Click here to keep updated with this week’s new products found in Sim Lim Square!

As the weekend comes, it’s time for our weekly SLS walk about…

First, over at The Hardware Place, we found some really cheap
performance memory. The PDP Systems Patriot PEP3200512LL, rated at CAS
2-3-2-6, and priced relatively low at $ 125 per 512MB stick, it’s
one of the best bargains for such CL2 memory. With  Winbond chips inside
(could be identified by the 2 shiny metal filings on the sides of the chip),
this might be interesting for those who has high voltages to spare.  

PDP 3200LL3 A Walk About Around SLS (6 5 2005)

The simple packaging of the PDP PEP3200512LL. 


PDP 3200LL A Walk About Around SLS (6 5 2005)

The piece of memory itself. Comes with a very pretty flame red aluminum
heatspreader. Great for case modders!


PDP 3200LL2 A Walk About Around SLS (6 5 2005)  

A close up of the label on the RAM.


Next, at ATF Multimedia, we spotting one of the cheapest Intel i915GV
motherboard available in Sim Lim Square. The PC Chips M985G, would be
perfect for those with extremely tight budget, and yet, still want to adopt the
latest in technology. This mATX board is priced reasonably at $ 149,
it’s one of the cheapest PCIe based board with Intel ICH6 Southbridge you could


PCchips 915GV4 A Walk About Around SLS (6 5 2005)

The packaging of this super budget board. Plain and simple.


PCchips 915GV A Walk About Around SLS (6 5 2005)

The board itself. Despite being a Micro ATX board, it has slots for both DDR1
and DDR2, and also a PCIe x1 slot. Impressive for a value board like this.


PCchips 915GV2 A Walk About Around SLS (6 5 2005)

A close up of the PCIe slots. Both PCIe x16 and the x1, is shown on this


PCchips 915GV3 A Walk About Around SLS (6 5 2005)

A look at the components around the LGA socket. with 4 phase power circuitry,
unlike some other with only 3 phase, this board is not cheapo on the component
level at all!


PCchips 915GV5 A Walk About Around SLS (6 5 2005) 

A look at the label, to give an overview of what this board features.