Over at Fuwell, we saw this new Leadtek Winfast TV USB II Deluxe.
Comes with 3 USB 2.0 port as well, this external TV tuner doubles up as a USB
hub for multiple USB devices sharing a single port on your PC. Priced at
$ 189
, this new device supports most major standards, including NICAM
Stereo, and even Time Shifting capabilities!

The packaging of the device.

The device itself. Shown here, with 2 USB ports, Composite input and also
S-Video input.


Somemore ports on this device. Shown here, Coaxial inputs for antennas and
also, the red Power switch and the USB connection to PC.


Somemore ports! The left most for Power input, the blue connector for Audio
input, the green for Audio output, and 1 more USB port to be used as a hub.
Right most being the power indicator lamp.


The label on the device, showing the various standards this particular unit


Just some of the various items included in the package. This TV box comes
with a remote controller, and a handy detachable antenna. It even has it’s own
carrying pouch!



Then, over at ATF Multimedia, We found the all new BenQ DW1640
internal DVD writer. Featuring fast writing speeds of 8X for Double/Dual Layer
writing, 8X for DVD+RW and 6X for DVD-RW. This speedy writer retails at
$ 129


The packaging of the drive. Comes with 2 colors of black and beige (white)
for this model.


And this particular set we took was a black drive…