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A Walk About at SLS (24-9-2005)

It’s the weekends, and VR-Zone brings you the weekly SLS. Check it out for some of SLS’s latest hardware!

First, over at Fuwell, we found one really beefy looking 7800 GTX. The
Leadtek Winfast PX 7800 GTX Extreme is one of the first cards to arrive
on the shelves of Singapore, that comes with a totally different cooling
solution. While most other cards found here are based on the reference cooling,
and the reference clockspeeds, the Leadtek card has a stark difference over
these areas. With an operational clockspeed of 490Mhz for core, and 1250Mhz for
memory, it’s much higher then the reference 430Mhz/1100Mhz. Also, spotting a
similar heatsink design as Leadtek’s Quadro FX 4500, this 7800 GTX Extreme comes
with a massive dual slot cooler. This cooler spots a large 80mm fan, and a
massive finned area, connected to the base via 4 heatpipes. Priced at
$ 1059
, there’s a promotion running now, that includes a FREE
Coolermaster 540 case with every purchase!

The packaging of the 7800 GTX Extreme from Leadtek. Bright
yellow, similar to their 7800 GT and GTX packaging.


This is the card in question. With such a massive dual slot
cooling solution, it is no wonder this card comes pre-overclocked at such a high


A close up look at the heat pipes. 4 heat pipes are deployed
to move heat away from the center to the sides, where the fine aluminum fins


A large 80mm fan is used on this card. With such size, it is
said to be silent, yet efficient.


Large and fine fins are placed on the sides of the heatsink,
where the heat pipes are connected onto.


This is how the back of the card looks like. Just like any
other Nvidia Reference PCB, this Leadtek 7800 GTX Extreme spots a similar PCB as
the Reference design. However, instead of black heatspreaders for memory,
Leadtek used Silver colored ones.


This 7800 GTX Extreme comes with Dual DVI, and a S-Video TV
Out like most other 7800 GTX cards. However, this card comes with VIVO
capabilities, via the S-Video ports, using the provided cables.

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