To those who are looking for a cheap, entry level PCIe graphics card, here’s
something for you. The Powercolor Radeon X550 Bravo is a card based on ATi
Radeon X550 chipset, and yet comes with 256MB Infineon DDR2 memory
configuration. This cards comes with a rather elaborate fanless heatsink design.
The design of this fanless heatsink, looks similar to the Powercolor X700 Bravo
we reviewed sometime ago, except that it’s smaller in size, and had only 1 heat
pipe instead of 2. Priced at $ 169, and found at Fuwell, it’s a reasonable price to pay for such a

This is the packaging of the Powercolor Radeon X550 Bravo.


The card itself. While other makers include smaller
heatsink/fan configuration, Powercolor is generous in having a large piece of
fanless heatsink. Heat pipes will channel heat from the front to the back where
another large heatsink resides.


This is how the back of the card looks like. As said, the back
of the card has a large piece of heatsink.


This is rams that are available on the card. The Infineon DDR2
2.8ns modules are capable of 714Mhz operation.


These are the available I/O ports on this card. A DVI, VGA and
a Video Out port here.



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