Over at The Hardware Place, we spotted a fanless 6600GT. Going fanless had
been the trend these days, Gigabyte had just jumped into the bandwagon as well.
The Gigabyte NX66T256D comes with a rather large fanless heatsink, on both the
front and the back of the card. By deploying heat pipes, heat can be channeled
to the back, effectively cooling the card via the extra surface area. As stated
on the box, this card’s cooling solution is designed by Zalman, a name very
familiar to the computer cooling department. Also, unlike the other 6600GT in
the market, this card comes with 256MB of RAM. Priced at $ 339, it’s a little
more then the average 6600GT.

gigabyte 6600GT fanless A Walk About at SLS (24 9 2005)

This is how the packaging looks like.


gigabyte 6600GT fanless8 A Walk About at SLS (24 9 2005)

On the box, it states that the cooling solution for this card
is made by Zalman.


gigabyte 6600GT fanless3 A Walk About at SLS (24 9 2005)

This is how the card looks like. A large slab of aluminum
heatsink provides for the fanless cooling needs on this card.


gigabyte 6600GT fanless6 A Walk About at SLS (24 9 2005)

This is how the back of the card looks like. In order to have
better contact on the back, the green piece would close the gap between the card
and the yellow main heatsink.


gigabyte 6600GT fanless5 A Walk About at SLS (24 9 2005)

A close up on the heat pipe. This heat pipe would move heat
away from the front to the back, where the other heatsink is.


gigabyte 6600GT fanless7 A Walk About at SLS (24 9 2005)

The RAMs found on the card. 2.0ns GDDR3 Samsung modules are
spotted on the card.