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A Walk About at SLS (24-9-2005)

At DAT Computers, we spotted 2 new DFI AMD 64 based motherboards. Being a
cheaper alternative to the award winning Lanparty series, the new DFI Infinity
nF4 Ultra
and the DFI Infinity nF4 SLi comes with less fanciful options.
Straight from the box, the packaging is less extravagant. The board itself does
not come with UV reactive slots and connectors. But instead, it comes with a
very simple design, in both the board color, and the feature set. It will be
interesting to see how these 2 boards fare against their better looking (and
more expensive) Lanparty brothers. Priced at $ 185 for the Ultra version, and
$ 245
for the SLi version, it’s one of the cheaper boards available in Sim Lim

This is the packaging of the NF4 Ultra Infinity. Simplicity is
the keyword here.


A label on the motherboard, listing the available feature set
found on this board.



This is how the nF4 Ultra board looks like from top down.


The I/O connectors available on this board. Both the SLi and
the Ultra shares similar I/O ports. With just standard 5.1 sound for these
boards, as compared to the 7.1 found on the Lanparty series.


This is how the Infinity SLi board looks like from top down.


Unlike the brown SLi bridge with the Lanparty emblem found on
the Lanparty SLi-D or the SLi-DR, these boards comes with such generic green



This Vitesse VSC8201RX provides the Physical Hardware Layer to
the onboard Gigabit LAN found on the Nforce 4 chipsets on both boards.


The Firewire capabilities on both boards, are powered by this
VIA VT6307 Firewire "A" controller.




That’s all for this week folks, catch us next week 🙂

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