The usual Walk About you all have been waiting for! Catch the latest around Sim Lim Square right in here!

Alright, it’s VR-Zone’s weekly Walk About in SLS once again, as we bring you
the latest around SLS

First, over at The HardwarePlace, we spotted a Foxconn 915G7MC-ES.
Being 1 of the the budget based on the Intel i915G chipset, with integrated
Intel Graphics Accelerator (GMA900), this is one of those boards that you could
consider if you’re on a budget. Priced at $ 169, it is pretty
reasonable for such a board. Foxconn might be pretty unheard of over in
Singapore, but the largest motherboard maker on earth….

The sleek and elegant packaging for the 915G7MC-ES board.

The board from top down. Being budget, this board is pretty simple, with just
bare features.


The rear I/O connectors. Comes with onboard video as well.


A close up on the RAM slots. 2.5V is the default voltage for DDR1 memories.
This board uses cheaper (but not slower) DDR1 memory. Great combo!


The overly large heatsink on the i915G Northbridge. While keeping things
cheap, such solutions also reduces fan noise by eliminating the fan altogether.