Over at Cybermind, we see some really radical systems on display. One
of them is The Chili Box, by Chili Systems. In a bright red mini
case, this spicy little machine is actually a Network Attached Storage solution,
with a plethora of features like, the POP3 mail server configured, being a
Transparent Web Proxy etc. It also acts as a firewall with advanced protection
features. For more information, see
here! Priced at
$ 998
, it might interest many SOHO companies, or even small-mid


The clean and simple packaging of The Chili Box, with that cute chili mascott.


Some specifications on the side of the box.


A simple explanation on how this machine works, on the side of the box.


A front shot of this cute red machine. Included infront, 2 USB front ports,
for USB drive operation, and also, USB key lock/unlock security feature (USB key
included) Looks pretty much like a conventional machine in an mATX case?


The back of it confirms it. This machine uses a standard mATX motherboard,
and also, a PCI LAN card. mATX PSU too!


A look at the side of this cute little system. Bright red with the cute chili


Next, also in Cybermind, we found also Biostar Ideq 330P Small
Form Factor system. Based on Nforce 4, and of course PCIe interface, this is one
of the cheaper options for SFFs based on NF4 / PCIe interface. Priced at
$ 699
, and supported by Corbell Technology, this is not too much to pay


The packaging of the Biostar SFF, together with a sticker indicating it’s
distributor, and of course, 1 year warranty.


The sleek black SFF with the price tag. A pretty clean design Biostar had on
this Ideq.


The rear connectors on this SFF. Firewire ("A"), LAN and USB are among those
found here.