For those who have near unlimited amount of money to spend on a great gaming
system, we spotting something just for you. Over at Cybermind, we found a
pair of MSI NX 6800Ultra 512MB. Based on the currently fastest Nvidia
6800Ultra 512MB, and if operated in a pair, in SLi mode, you would get the
fastest 3D performance in game you could get with money. Priced at $ 1559
each, this is something really high end. For more about this pair of godly
cards, visit
where it was tested and benchmarked.

MSI 6800U 512 box A Walk About in SLS (11 6 2005)

The really really large box for this great card. It’s so large that most
motherboard packaging are dwarfed…


MSI 6800U 512 box2 A Walk About in SLS (11 6 2005)

The box flipped open, with a little window showing the card. Also, in this
package, 3 games are included.


Next, over at ATF Multimedia, we spotted some really high end air
cooling solutions. The Gigabyte G-Power family of CPU heatsinks. This
aluminum heatsink, resembles certain Thermalright heatsinks, but it comes with a
pretty LED fan. Comes in 2 versions, one with a controllable fan (the Pro
version) and the other with (BL version). Priced at $ 95 and
$ 79
respectively, it’s a sweet price to pay for such high end solutions.


gigabyte Gpower A Walk About in SLS (11 6 2005)

The 2 versions of the G-power. As you can see, the Pro package has a knob for
RPM control for the fan.


gigabyte Gpower2 A Walk About in SLS (11 6 2005)

The heatsink itself, with a large pretty blue fan.


gigabyte Gpower3 A Walk About in SLS (11 6 2005)

The heatsink from another angle. With 4 heatpipes connected to the base of
the heatsink, to allow heat to be transfered to the high density fins to be
cooled by the fan.


gigabyte Gpower4 A Walk About in SLS (11 6 2005)

A close up of the heatpipes.


gigabyte Gpower5 A Walk About in SLS (11 6 2005)

The base of the heatsink. While the heatsink is still not very bumpy, visible
machine marks are still there.


gigabyte Gpower6 A Walk About in SLS (11 6 2005)

For the case modders – Blue LED for the fan!