Over at Fuwell, we saw the much awaited Coolermaster Centurion 530
case. Looking similar to the much larger sibling, the Stacker, this
Centurion 530 retains most of the looks of the Stacker case, but with a very
cool drive stealth cover. Priced at $ 139, this is simply the case
to go for! A more detailed review could be found

A Centurion 530. Comes with 5 5.25" bays, this case is one of the very few
mid towers that offer something like this. Also, by default, this case already
comes with a side window!


A close look at the top function panel. Here, Firewire, USB, Mic, Headphone,
Power and Reset buttons could be found.


The very sweet drive stealth bays. with similar looking wire grill design,
color of the drive will never be a problem!


The large Centurion logo at the front of the case.


An LED fan is included at the front of case, directly cooling the hard drive


A picture of the inside front of the case.


One last look at the case, from another angle. A really pretty case there.