Also another new motherboard from ASUS, it’s the all new ASUS A8V Deluxe
. Also first spotted in Cybermind Computer House, it’s one of
the first VIA K8T890 board around, that features a VIA VT8237R Southbridge, and
PCI Express for future devices. Priced $ 249 for this great

The packaging of this board. The usual trademark ASUS AI Proactive design.


The board itself.


The label on the board. Revision 1.03 for this one we saw.


Large Passive heatsinks on the MOSFETs for better heat dissipation. Angled
well, to capture moving air from the CPU area.


The I/O connectors on the board. Firewire included! Also, VIA Vinyl audio
included too!


For such high end board, ASUS had not saved anything on the quality of
components. Branded capacitors (like the one shown here) throng all over the
board. Good quality!