Small Form Factors had been pretty much adopted recently, and the talk of the
town for these had been these 3 new Shuttle Small Form Factor PC. Being small
and cute, yet stylish and elegant, these new models would fit the bill for most
users, from gamers, to Home Theater lovers. Based on ATi Xpress 200 for Athlon
64, the ST20G5 is a classy all rounder. There is also SN25P, based
on Nvidia Nforce 4, for power users, and gamers. Lastly the SB83G5C, with
front LCD display is tagetted for Home Theater users. Priced at $ 749,
$ 869 and $ 859 respectively, these little monsters
could be found in Cybermind Computer House. For more information about
ST20G5 and SN25P, please click
for a review done by our writer, Floppy.

The packaging for ST20G5. This is the same design that shares through out the
whole family of SFFs.


The ST20G5, ATi Xpress 200 SFF. Silver and classy with their "G5" case.


The SN25P. Being a "P" case, this model is slightly larger then it’s "G"


This model is the only model with a shiny "G5" chassis. To add functionality,
an LCD panel is integrated, right below the Power/Reset and Status LEDs.


Now, these new Shuttle systems are being distributed by a new company, Ban
Leong Technologies, and the standard 1 year warranty apply.