avatar A Walk About in SLS (28 5 2005)

Here’s the regular dosage of VR-Zone’s SLS Walk About. Look in here for the latest finds and updates right from the heart of the best IT shopping center, Sim Lim Square.

A new week has came by, and VR-Zone presents the latest around Sim Lim

First, over at Fuwell, we saw the new MSI K8MM-V. Priced at
$ 149
, this simple
motherboard is a no frills board targeted at budget users. Based on VIA K8M800
chipset, it offers onboard S3 Unichrome graphics, with ability to share up to
64MB of frame buffer. Also, an interesting addition to this board, onboard SATA
RAID. Together with VIA’s VT8237R, this board offers SATA RAID capabilities. 
Other amenities like DDR400 support, onboard 6 channel audio, 10/100 onboard LAN
are also present. Not bad a budget board!

MSI K8MM V A Walk About in SLS (28 5 2005)

The packaging of the box. Pretty much like other budget “V” class boards.


MSI K8MM V2 A Walk About in SLS (28 5 2005)

The label on the packaging, with some quick specifications.


MSI K8MM V3 A Walk About in SLS (28 5 2005)

The board itself. Signature red PCB, as usual.


MSI K8MM V4 A Walk About in SLS (28 5 2005)

The southbridge present for this board. With VT8237R, SATA would be supported
thru this chip, and to top it off, SATA RAID capabilities, like stripping and
mirroring are supported. Impressive for a budget board to have these


MSI K8MM V6 A Walk About in SLS (28 5 2005)

The I/O connectors on the board. Pretty standard over here, with VGA out,
common for most budget boards.


MSI K8MM V5 A Walk About in SLS (28 5 2005)

The silkscreen label available on this board. PCB Version 1 for the board we


MSI K8MM V7 A Walk About in SLS (28 5 2005)

An interesting note that we found, this cheap board comes with all branded
capacitors, like these here. Good!