Next, over at ATF Multimedia, we saw one of the most breath taking casings
ever. The all new Lian Li PC-V850. Being an improved version of the original
V800, this new case here has slightly more space, to fit longer graphics card,
and also, having a more spacious environment to work with. Priced at $ 259
for the Sliver version, and $ 269 for the Black version, this
casing would just capture attention of many users…

The front look of this sweet casing. Although it has that “Macintosh-ish”
feel, but yet unique on it’s looks.


A badge on the case itself. The pride of the case.


A look at the rear portion of the case. 2 60mm fans made up the exhaust
system for this case. At the top, there’s a hard drive cage for hard disks,
complete with large holes for better ventilation. Do note that the Power Supply
Unit is not installed at the rear for the V850.


Here’s the front of the casing, on the insides. The PSU is installed here,
and the supplied extension power cord would then route from the front to the
back, where you plug your conventional power cord to the wall socket. With this
design, hot air from the case will be expelled out, from the front’s perforated


A look the the 5.25″ bays. Even the 5.25″ bays has those large holes for
better ventilation.


A close up at the hooking mechanism for the CD-ROM drive bay cover. Metal
hooks for this model, pretty much unlike other cases, where it’s plastic for
such hooks, which would break over time. Great quality!


The top cover of the case comes with one 80mm fan screwed on together with
mesh, to provide additional ventilation for the case.


The ratings of the fan on the top cover. at 0.12A, it would be a pretty
silent case fan.


The rear latch for the top case cover. Very well designed to prevent any lose
fittings, even without screwing the casing. You could even lock the top cover
with this latch!

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