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A Walk About in SLS (28-5-2005)

Over at Fuwell

Over at Fuwell, we spotted 2 new SD Memory Card from Patriot, giving
customers more options over the standard few. Patriot is a pretty big name here,
especially due to the fact that they had the cheapest high end RAMs with Samsung
TCCD chips. But right now, they also have one of the cheapest SD memory cards
available too. The Patriot Signature Line SD Card is priced at $ 120,
while their Extreme Performance SD Card is priced at $ 129.
Patriot SD Cards comes with Lifetime Warranty! Great value!

Both Signature Line and Extreme Performance placed side by side.


The bright orange packaging of the Signature Line SD card.


The packaging of the Extreme Performance SD Card. Up to 9MB/Sec Reading


The back of the Extreme Performance’s packaging.


Talking about storage, pocket USB drives had been pretty much the "in" thing
right now. Today, we spotted the LG USB Drive at Fuwell. Priced at $ 79 for
512MB, it’s just another choice a consumer could make. Comes with a simple
sliding mechanism for the connector rather then the conventional cap, the whole
drive is in a piece, thus, nothing could be lost.


The LG USB drive in it’s packaging.


A close up at the USB connector. With the help of a slider, the connector
could slide out conveniently. 


The other accessories included in the package. The included items are the USB
extension cord, and a neck strap.


The drive comes in 2 colours, pearl white and glossy black.




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