The other Asrock board we found, is the Asrock 775Xfire-eSATA2. This
board is based on the Intel 945PL budget chipset. However, like it’s name
suggests, this board supports ATi’s Crossfire multi GPU solution. Also found at
Bell Systems, this board is priced at just $ 155. Features
onboard includes 5.1 Channel HD Audio, 4x SATA 3.0GBps ports, and of course
eSATA 3.0GBps functions. For those who are looking for board to upgrade, yet
want to retain their AGP graphics card, this board might interest you. There’s
an AGP Graphics Interface (AGI) port on the board, that taps on the PCI Express
x4 lanes.

asrock 775xfire  A Walk About in SLS (4 3 2006)

The packaging for the Asrock 775Xfire-eSATA2. Like the AMD
board we’ve seen, this board came in a similar design.


asrock 775xfire2  A Walk About in SLS (4 3 2006)

A label on the packaging, with a summary of the key features
available on this board.


asrock 775xfire3  A Walk About in SLS (4 3 2006)

This is how the board looks like. Notice that this board has
only a 20pin ATX power connector instead of the standard 24 pin on most other
boards? Perhaps due to it’s lower power requirements, older PSUs should be able
to run this board fine.


asrock 775xfire5  A Walk About in SLS (4 3 2006)

LAN connections are powered by this Realtek RTL8101L chipset,
providing standard 10/100 MBps connections. It’s a pity this board doesn’t have
Gigabit LAN.


asrock 775xfire6  A Walk About in SLS (4 3 2006)

Realtek ALC660 chipset for Audio, delivering 5.1 channel High
Definition Audio.


asrock 775xfire7  A Walk About in SLS (4 3 2006)

Like the AMD board we’ve seen, the Asrock 775Xfire-eSATA2
comes with eSATA 3.0GBps connectors on the I/O panel too.


asrock 775xfire8  A Walk About in SLS (4 3 2006)

The rear I/O connectors on the board. Features here are rather
plain, but for just $ 155, one can’t complain at all.