For those who are still on the AGP platform, yet, eyeing for a graphics card
upgrade, here’s something for you. We’ve found the XFX Geforce 6800GS AGP
at DAT Computers. Spotting a 12 pipeline 425MHz Core, this card
still packs a punch even for today’s 3D intensive games. Priced at $ 449,
it might be a little on the higher side for most upgraders on this aging AGP

The packaging of the XFX Geforce 6800GS AGP. Considering this
is a mid range card, somehow, XFX packaged this card in a rather small box.


This is how the card looks like. From the outlook of this
card, it looks very similar to the older 6800GT AGP, probably due to the similar
heatsink and PCB layout.


The rear I/O connectors on this card includes a Dual DVI
output, and the standard TV-Out on the left. Dual DVI LCD users would surely
love the Dual DVI outputs.


Due to the lower power output from the AGP slot, the 6800GS
AGP (like the 6800GT AGP) requires a 4 pin molex power connector to provide
additional power.


This is how the rear of the card looks like.


The label found on the card. If not for this label, it’s easy
to mistake this card for the older 6800GT AGP card.