2 new Gigabyte graphics cards also arrived at ATF Multimedia. The new
Gigabyte GV-RX80256D, is based on the ATi Radeon X800 chipset. Priced at $ 499,
this card comes with oversized heatsinks, and heatpipes, for fanless operations.

The card from the top. Large heatsinks similar to Gigabyte’s X800XL card we
found sometime ago.


The flip side of the card. Huge solid heatsink here!


The connectors on the card. Standard VGA, TV Out, and DVI.


A look at the heatpipes. These heatpipes would transfer heat from the
heatsinks on the core, the the rear of the card, which has a bigger heatsink.
This will effectively double the surface area for heat dissipation.


A peep under the heatsink. Samsung 2.0ns GDDR 3 memory on this card.


The very very large packaging box for this card.