The other late comer to the 7800 GTX scene is the MSI NX 7800 GTX.
Spotted at Fuwell and priced at $ 999, it comes with a very pretty MSI
packaging, and, a nice emblem on the heatsink of the card. The only game included in the bundle of the card is the Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butchers Bay, unlike it’s predecessors, which comes bundled with a whole plethora of games and


The card from top down. The large MSI sticker with the NX7800GTX, is part of
MSI’s “personalization”


A closer look at the MSI sticker on the card.


The connector outputs, standard Dual DVI and that S-Video out.


The back of the card. In this view, it’s totally impossible to tell apart
which brand the card is, unless you could memorize serial numbers.


The pretty MSI packaging.