Over at SLS this week, we uncover a couple of new processors that just started retailing at SLS. One of them is the Intel Pentium D, Intel’s latest Dual Core Processor featuring 2Mb of L2 cache. Spotted at DAT for the Intel Pentium D 820
and at Cybermind for the Intel Pentium D 830 (3.0Ghz). The Pentium D 820 is priced at $ 464 at DAT.

The Pentium D 820 at DAT. A new refreshing design of the packaging for this
new processor. EM64T is clearly support, as per written on the box.


The chip markings of this 820.


The Pentium D 830 spotted at Cybermind.


A closer look at the label on the Pentium D box.


The chip markings on the Pentium D 830.