While the performance savvy mainstream users would go for the Pentium D,
Intel had not forgotten the budget users. Spotted at Fuwell, the Intel
Celeron D 336 (2.8Ghz)
is one of the budget CPUs that would support EM64T,
which gives 64 bit support. Priced at $ 179 alone, it’s the
cheapest 64 bit ready CPU available today!


A picture of the Celeron D 336 box.


A closer look at the Celeron D 336’s label.


The S-Spec code on the side of the box of this Celeron D.


The Celeron D chip markings.


Of course, on the AMD side of things, we found the brand new AMD Athlon 64
, based on the San Diego core. Similar to Venice cores, these San Diego
cores comes with SSE3 support, improved memory controller for better
performance, and also, said to have better overclockability then the older
Clawhammer series. Spotted at Cybermind, this gem is priced at $ 649.


The chip markings on the 3700+ San Diego.


The box of the 3700+.