It’s the usual SLS Walkabout, bringing you the latest in hardware and the most interesting stuff, all in our premier IT shopping mall, Sim Lim Square.

It’s yet another regular Sim Lim Square Walk About this week, over at VR-Zone.

Over at ATF Multimedia, we got to see a late comer to 7800 GTX scene.
The ASUS Extreme N7800 GTX is another high end product from the top
Taiwanese firm. Although the card, like every other 7800 GTX that showed up on
shelves recently, are all identical to one another. But however, the bundled
contents had brought us a pleasant surprise. Having games like Project Snow
Blind, Xpand Rally, Joint Operations, and even more utility softwares, like
Power Director and such, it’s no wonder they command such a branding and price.
Sold for $ 1259, it’s a high price to pay for quality and branding.
Also, this card had help our in-house Overclocking guru, Shamino, broken the
3DMark 05 world record, of 16,770. Read more


The “Extremely” large box of the Extreme N7800 GTX.


The card itself. ASUS didnt bother with those small logo emblems, show’s
their serious approach to this field.


The only deciding factor – EN7800GTX, the only clue showing this is an ASUS


Something that is not available on other cards. The HDTV cum VIVO mini
breakout box, to be connected onto the S-Video output from the card.


A closer look at the DIP switches. Various HDTV modes are available thru hard
switching, from super high resolution of 1080p to lower range of 480p. Sweet!


The back of the large box.

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