The Geforce 6600GT remains the best selling mid range graphic card for the
masses. Eagle 6600GT AGP holds the crown for being the cheapest for the
6600GT AGP category. Priced at a shocking $ 270 at DAT, it
is an undisputed winner in terms of pricing. Having a redesigned PCB board, with
some unusual designs, this card might be your choice if you’re tight on budget.


The Eage 6600GT AGP. Dual Fan system to cool both the Nvidia HSI bridge and
the core. Redesigned PCB board, very unlike big names with the similar products.


The unusual placement of the power connector. Placed right at the edge of the
other side of the card, nearing the video output ports.


RAMs found of this card. Standard 2.0ns Infineon GDDR3 memory.


The simple packaging of the Eagle card.