ASUS had made waves previously for the A8N-SLi Deluxe, and now they had came
out with an improved model, the ASUS A8N-SLi Premium. Spotting some
impressive cooling on the northbridge, this board itself has totally no moving
parts to produce noise. On top of it, this board is said to have improved
overclocking capabilities, especially with 1T memory settings. Our in-house
Overclocking guru, Shamino uses this board, and had recently broken another
world record with this board. Take a look
here. Priced
at $ 315 and could be found at DAT, this is simply a fusion
of extreme performance and stability.


A8N SLi Premium A Walk About SLS (09 07 2005)

The board itself from top down.


A8N SLi Premium2 A Walk About SLS (09 07 2005)

A close up on the fanless heatsink that cools both the MOSFETs and the
northbridge via a thick heatpipe.


A8N SLi Premium3 A Walk About SLS (09 07 2005)

The Marvell Gigabit LAN controller, for 1 of the 2 Gigabit LAN ports.


A8N SLi Premium4 A Walk About SLS (09 07 2005)

The Silicon Sil3114 controller, that take charge of 4 SATA ports via the PCI


A8N SLi Premium5 A Walk About SLS (09 07 2005)

The other Gigabit LAN controller for the other Gigabit LAN port.


A8N SLi Premium7 A Walk About SLS (09 07 2005)

A Texas Instrument Firewire controller on the board.


A8N SLi Premium8 A Walk About SLS (09 07 2005)

The rear I/O ports, with a full range of connections.


A8N SLi Premium9 A Walk About SLS (09 07 2005)

The A8N-SLI Premium silk screen wordings, and also it’s revision number (Rev
1.02). Also, on the bottom right of the picture, those ICs actually take charge
of the digital switching of PCIe lanes between the 2 physical PCIe x16 slots. No
more card flipping, or loads of jumpers to meddle with.


A8N SLi Premium10 A Walk About SLS (09 07 2005)

Quality capacitors are found all over this board, like these pictured, high
quality Rubycon ones.


A8N SLi Premium11 A Walk About SLS (09 07 2005)

The trademark AI Proactive packaging for the A8N-SLI Premium.